Foreign Instructors

Instructor Recruitment

Application & Program
Mizy is looking for
Overseas citizens over 19 years-old
Those with a zeal for educating Korean youth and responsibility for their own class
Those with an interest in cultural exchange, world heritage, and multicultural education
Those who will be in Korea for the entire duration of the program (six months)
How to apply
Press the application button at the bottom of the page
Orientation & Workshop
  • Orientation
  • Workshop
    (Class materials production, Simulation class (March / September))
On-site lecture
  • Venue: Elementary Schools and Middle Schools in Seoul, MIZY Center
  • Participant: 4th~6th graders, Middle school students(1st graders)
  • Time : Friday
Benefit for instructors
  • Opportunity to understand world heritage and cultural diversity
  • Certification
  • Instructor payment
  • Cultural exchange programs among instructors.
  • Aforementioned schedule is subject to change according to the circumstance of the MIZY Center. Please let us know your correct contact information and email address. All schedule and class information will be announced via email.