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2014 상반기 뿌리 깊은 세계유산 (Deep-rooted World Heritage)

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<![CDATA[[2014-1 DRWH] May Monthly Wrap-Up]]> 2014-1 뿌리 깊은 세계유산 (Deep-rooted World Heritage)

- 5월 수업 및 문화교류활동 스케치 (May Monthly Wrap-up Video) -





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<![CDATA[[2014-1 DRWH] April Monthly Wrap-up]]> 2014-1 뿌리 깊은 세계유산 (Deep-rooted World Heritage)

- 4월 수업 스케치 (April Monthly Wrap-up Video) -

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<![CDATA[[5월 24일] 미지센터 에서 열린 시범수업]]> 5월 24일 미지에서 청소년 수련관 및 교육청 관계자 분들을
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<![CDATA[[4월 26일]미지센터 수업 (벽화그리기)동영상]]>
미지센터에서 진행한 미국, 모로코, 터키, 중국 수업 영상입니다.
이 수업은 아트뮤랄프로젝트('Art Mural Project')를 우리 프로그램에
도입하여 아이들이 세계문화유산을 자유롭게 협동하여
벽화 위에 표현했던 수업이었습니다.

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<![CDATA[[아리랑TV 4월 28일자]세계문화유산 통합이해교육]]>
지난 4월 26일 미지센터에서 진행된 세계문화유산 통합이해교육 과정이 아리랑 TV 뉴스에 나왔습니다.

Title : Seoul Youth Center Opens to Promote Cultural Exchange

 A center for kids has just opened here in Seoul aimed at educating children about the importance of cultural exchange while preparing them to be part of a society that is fast becoming multicultural.
Arirang's Jang Jiyun  was at the center for this report.

This is MIZY!
A unique center in Seoul that educates children on cultural heritage from around the world.
Mizy Center, which is currently operated by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, stands apart from other institutions in that they not only have classes in several languages but the classes are also taught by teachers from countries where those languages are spoken.

[REPORTER : Jang Jiyun,jiyun.jang@arirang.co.kr] ''Around 50 children from grades 4 to 6 have gathered here today at the Seoul Youth Center to learn about various countries and (their) cultural heritage.''
The center is currently giving four classes, each focusing on a different country, the United States, Morocco, Turkey, and China.
In each class children learn about cultural heritage firsthand through teachers native to that country.
The organizer here says the objective of the program is to not only promote cultural exchange but also to prepare our youth to become functioning members of the world community. 

[INTERVIEW : Kim Somi, Program Organizer of Myeongdong Info Zone of Youth] ''It is our goal to make these children more open to other countries and to make them global citizens.''
 When children were asked about what they thought about this multicultural program, this is what they had to say:

[INTERVIEW : Im Chaelim, Student] ''Yes, I learned a lot today and I'm having a lot of fun.''

[INTERVIEW : Cho Joonho, Student] ''I thought it was cool to have native teachers from China, Morocco, Turkey and the US.''
After classes finished for the day, children participated in the Art Miles Mural Project, a global project led by a non-profit organization in the United States for the first time.
The project began back in 2001 with the purpose of collecting over five thousand murals from around the globe in the name of promoting world peace.
Mizy will cover ten countries this year and the program will be offered every Saturday at the center and also at participating elementary schools.
Jang Jiyun, Arirang News.

APR 28, 2008   22:00 Arirang News 
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